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Foster Opportunities

Become a Foster Parent

Foster parents provide temporary homes for young animals and others prior to adoption. Foster care is a wonderful and personal way to save and improve the lives of homeless animals by turning them into loved pets. Animals with special needs typically need to be fostered before they’re adoptable—they need extra time and attention to overcome emotional or medical challenges. Some of our animals need to undergo heartworm treatment, learn how to live with eyesight or hearing loss, heal from surgeries, or relearn skills after an injury. Whatever the challenge, we’ll prepare you with a support plan specifically tailored to their needs.

Fostering pets is a serious commitment, but it’s also a rewarding opportunity to watch animals on their journey to their forever homes. We offer a variety of foster opportunities including kittens, cats, dogs, and puppies.

Why Do Pets Need Foster Care?

There are several possible reasons:

• Older animals or mothers with nursing babies. Very young animals who are weaned but not old enough for adoption also benefit from the care of a foster parent.

• Dogs with mild to moderate behavioral issues who require some behavior modification and work, such as shy dogs who need socializing, and/or long-time residents at the shelter.

• Some animals who need time to recover from an illness or injury before adoption and may need more attentive and personal medical care which can be more easily provided in a foster home.

• Short-term care for animals who will be going to a rescue group.

Whatever the reason, these animals need some extra love and care before they can be adopted. Providing foster care for a week, a month, or more can be a lifesaving gift for an animal.

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